Aquaculture's Leader in Ocean Analytics and Forecasting


What can Scoot Science do for your marine operations?


Wake up each day to the headlines of your underwater weather and a complete picture of the local sub-surface conditions.


Know the environmental threats to your marine operations before the impacts materialize.


Make informed logistics and operations decisions, protect your marine assets, and strengthen your bottom line.

The ocean is changing. Quickly.

Know What’s Coming

What’s happening beneath the surface doesn’t have to be a mystery. Scoot Science fills in the data gaps, and then uses a combination of traditional numerical ocean models and predictive artificial intelligence to deliver accurate underwater weather.

Solutions for aquaculture

We’re working to give fish farmers increased lead-time for major ocean risk events, including:

  • extreme temperature swings
  • low dissolved oxygen levels
  • algae blooms
  • strong sub-surface currents
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